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Tugce Tari
Concert Pianist

Since 1993


I certainly am!

Music has been my companion and passion since I was very little. More than three decades later, it still is a wonderful gift in my life that grants me joy and fulfillment.

I am proud to say that both teaching piano and performing concerts have been equally important in my life. As an avid analyzer, I was able to pass down my experience as a performing artist to my students while carefully translating into their age and skill levels.
Not everybody becomes (or wishes to become) a professional musician; however I hope to have you experience similar benefits to mine whether it is through my blog, courses or lessons. I am excited to give you a little insight into how it is to be a concert pianist, to tackle the most asked questions from music students or parents and to plunge together into children's education.

I hope you give me the honor to be your 'Ambassador of Music'.


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