People from all around the world have repeatedly asked me these questions:

How do you pronounce your name?

My name is Tuğçe Tari-Roth and it is pronounced TOO-tchay TAH-ree Roat. The 'ğ' is silent and is just a tool to make the syllable a bit longer. To retain my first name in mind, you may think of Touché! but say it with "tch" instead of the "sh" sound.

(Actually my last name is originally spelled without the dot on the "i" but I honestly don't know how to script the pronunciation to that.)

By the way, congratulations on your first introduction to the Turkish alphabet.

What does your name mean?

My parents have said to me that Tuğçe meant "the principle queen" which could be a sweet parental trick to make your child feel special. 🙂
When I researched "tuğ", I saw that it meant "a symbol of sovereignty in the state tradition of Turkish and Altaic peoples". It is nice though to believe in the first meaning I stated above. 😉

Which instrument should I buy?

It depends on your budget and goals. If you are young and want to pursue music for life and even make a career out of it, it is best to invest in an acoustic upright or grand piano. If you are an adult who wants to play music for enjoyment but can't afford to buy a grand or upright piano, you may have buy an electric piano. For more detailed explanation on the subject, click to read my blog post here:

What if I am not talented at all?

I believe (and experienced) that anybody who has a true interest in music -given the right tools- can improve tremendously regardless of their starting point.

What if I am too old to start?

Age has nothing to do with improvement. Improvement comes with interest, great learning tools and commitment. We live in a time when a woman at the age of 96 becomes a popular yoga teacher. The barrier of age is a concept that outmoded.

To read the story of my student Dominic R. Libro who started at the age of 69 and progressed tremendously in two years while struggling with advanced arthritis, click here.

When and where is your next concert?

For concert information, click here.

How many languages do you speak?

I am fluent in Turkish, English, French and I have a an upper intermediate fluency in German. Turkish is my mother tongue, I learned French in middle and high school (I went to a French school [Notre Dame de Sion] in Istanbul between the ages of 11 and 18) and I have lived in Germany since 2012. My husband is German and our daughter was born in Germany. She can speak Turkish, German and she understands some English.ée_Notre_Dame_de_Sion_Istanbul