What To Do When You Feel Like a Sloth?

Some days we feel extremely unmotivated and lazy to do anything. Just like a sloth… The best thing to do when you are experiencing one of these days is first and foremost to stop beating yourself up that you feel unmotivated and lazy. Then take a few deep breaths, forget what happened during the day and don’t think of what could happen tomorrow. Simply stay in the now.

Once you are in the present, focus on a very small task to accomplish. For example, play two lines of the music piece you were trying to learn or set a 10-minute timer to practice until the timer ends. Make sure that the task is so small that it is very easy to do.  It is very important to stay in the now and not have high expectations of yourself. Simply do one thing.

You will soon realize that your 10-minute practice has been deliberating and that you would like to perhaps do another 10-minute practice. And maybe at the end of the second 10-minute round, you may want to do another round. At the end of this, you will see that not only you got 30-minutes in but also you already feel much better.

Usually we tend to beat ourselves up! If you treat yourself the way you would treat a small child – which is with patience, acceptance, understanding and kindness – you will have your days go much smoother and productive.

Stay musically…