The Most Important Ally

The most important ally in your playing is the usage of the correct finger numbers when you play. This can either completely facilitate your reading, playing, and technical skills or utterly ruin it. Using the right finger numbers is extremely important especially if you are beginner: Once your intuition is set with the wrong combination of finger patterns, it’s much harder to unlearn what you have learned and relearn the right way. And in my experience, only a few amount of teachers know how to suggest correct patterns. Usually, the more performance experience a teacher has, the more aware he/she is of what works the best.

To clarify the subject a bit more, let me explain what I am really trying to say here… Using the right  finger numbers is like the smooth pavement you run on in order to break the world record. If you have a rocky terrain, it will hinder your speed, your facility to step steadily on the ground and your endurance. When you use the correct finger numbers, what was difficult becomes suddenly easier, you are able to play the passage faster and you don’t loose energy and effort. Therefore your hand doesn’t get tired as quickly.

It does take some time to get used to the correct finger numbers. But once you get the feel of it, it will be a great help for your reading, playing and technique.

Stay musically…


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