The Single Most Important Teacher in Your Life

Whether it is for your job or your hobbies, the single most important teacher in your life is not the specialist who is the most skillful person in their field. There is only one person who can be the best teacher for yourself and that is YOU! Knowledge and what you need to learn in your life’s journey is out there and you may pay to get these lessons however if you don’t permit to yourself, you will never “learn” them. “Learning” means internalizing, letting in, making it a part of yourself. For this to happen, you need to analyze and absorb in the way that is best suitable for yourself.

Let me give a simple example to make it more clear for you. Let’s say you are taking a piano lesson and the teacher is explaining something to you. You know deep inside that the way it is explained doesn’t really work for you. Then you ask “could you play it again?” or “what does this really mean here?” or “how am I supposed to hold my hand there?” or “I am really struggling in this part”. All these questions are the indications that you were analyzing the moment and taking proper action. This means you are being your own teacher.

You could do the same thing while you are practicing. You could see where is wrong with the piece, ask yourself how you could make better, use the tools you have learned from your private lessons to improve it. Taking lessons is great but unless you are your own teacher, you will not go much further. You would depend on the teacher to show you everything during the lesson and you would feel lost a couple days after the lesson.

Develop a habit of analysis and action for anything you want to learn in your life. Be your own teacher even during your private lessons to speed up your improvement.

Stay musically…


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