A Mother’s Not-So-Secret Getaway

How was your Mother’s Day? Did you feel very fortunate to have your child/children in your life? I certainly did. But I have a confession to make: In the evening, I set down to practice piano for two hours and it felt great. It was my mini vacation. My “not-so-secret” getaway. This getaway of mine is not all rainbows and sunshine; a majority of the time during my practice, I analyze either what is wrong or what is not working. It is a constant, on-going strive for improvement similar to a mirage that fades as soon as I approach it.

I feel fortunate to have my passion as my profession even though it has its own challenges and stresses. Since piano playing is my work, spending quality time with my child gives me that “work break” I need. And when I had too much of my motherhood shift, I go back to piano playing. If, of course, the conditions permit.

Do you also have a getaway you take refuge in? Something that you do not only as a hobby but also as a passion? What do you do to get your mind off of work? Do you passionately crochet, bake, cook, play tennis, run, do triathlons, learn to play an instrument or read books? Is there a task you repeatedly do with the hope to improve at it while spiritually feeling connected to your source? I hope you do. I also hope that you have a “Happy Mother’s Day” everyday.

Stay musically…



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