Perspiration for Inspiration

When people meet a professional artist or musician, they always assume that they were born with specific talents and they have a combination of gifts that allow them to have a glorious and “easy” life because they don’t sit at an office job.

They have no idea what the actual truth is! The truth is that by the time a “gifted child” reaches his/her twenties, he/she have probably already spent the same amount of the time spent at an 9 to 5 office job in a decade, practicing his/her art. Yes, it is true that you have to have some specific abilities to be able to reach the professional artistry level (at least for music) but to get there is a lonely, resilient road. I can’t tell you how many fun things I cancelled and said “no” to, in order to practice.

For example, the last few weekends (weekdays and evenings), I have been continuing to practice as I was getting ready for my concert that was last Sunday. I have a child, so I have to put in the hours whenever the chance shows itself. This means I have to play when there is NO inspiration to play because you never know if your child would be sick the next day or would be up at night because he/she wanted to play a game. (They both happened by the way.)

I had a very successful concert on Sunday and I took Monday (yesterday) off and spent it with my daughter doing fun activities. I was talking with a friend of mine at my daughter’s gymnastics class and when she said “you are lucky you have the chance to take the day off when you want to”, I thought to myself “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

The great American painter Chuck Close has a really nice saying for this. I will leave you with his inspirational video. He also perspires for inspiration.

Stay musically,