Project Manager – BFF!

You have to be BFF (best friends forever) with the fact of being a project manager because everything you do is based on that. Whether you are planning on loosing a certain amount of weight, preparing a meal or practicing a piece of music, you always have to initiate, plan, execute and control the work of your team (in this case, a team of one -you-) to achieve specific goals. You usually have a time and resources constraint and you try to do the best you can to get to the results you want.

Let’s say you are preparing a meal for your family: Your budget is the amount of money you can spend on the ingredients, your time is limited to couple of hours and your resources is limited to the tools you have at home to make the meal as good as possible. You also have limitations: Your youngest child is clinging to your leg while you are trying to get things out of the refrigerator, your mixer just broke and the telephone is ringing. But once you recognize these obstacles and what you need to do to achieve the result, you will be successful -meaning you would put that meal on that table-.

It is the same thing with learning a new piece of music on the piano. You have to set your time limit of when you would like to be able to play the piece. Then you have to access how much practice time you have per day/week and then you will have calculate your limitations -you have to go to work, you are tired, your hands are not agile at the end of the day when you sit down you play, you have a hard time reading the notes, certain areas of the piece is especially difficult-. Once you have taken all of this into account, the best is the work diligently with the end result in mind. Play with the goal you have initially set in your mind. Don’t just play through and make the same mistakes over and over again. That is similar to adding egg yokes to a cake recipe that doesn’t require egg yokes and repeating the same mistake over and over again. Sit down on the piano, take small parts, work on them properly with the goal to finish your project. You may not finish that same day but keep the goal in mind for each time you sit down to play. You will be surprised how much faster you will advance if you are focused on the end result.

Learning how to play piano seems like a simple leisure activity, however, along the way it has a great potential to teach you important tools you may use for any other aspect of your life. Now, go ahead and be best friends with that new title you have: “Piano Player – Project Manager”.

Stay musically…