My September Concerts May Be Near You

Mark your calendars for September 17th and September 24th, 2017. I play as soloist with the Rheine Symphony Orchestra in two different cities, two Sundays in a row. The piece I will be performing is Beethoven’s third piano concerto. The cadenza of the piece’s first movement is composed by me.

If you come to the concert, please come backstage afterwards and say hello. 🙂

September 17th, 2017 in Rheine, Germany

Concert begins at 17:00 and ends around 19:30.

Stadthalle Rheine
Humboldtplatz 10
48429 Rheine
Telefon +49 5971 80277-0
Fax +49 5971 80277-17

Email info(at)

Stadthalle Rheine
Telefon +49 5971 80277-0

Telefon +49 231 9172290

September 24th, 2017 in Gronau, Germany

Concert begins at 17:00 and ends around 19:30.

Evangelisches Stadtkirche, Gronau

Döhrmannpl. 2, 48599 Gronau (Westfalen)

Konzert des Symphonieorchesters Rheine mit Kompositionen von Ludwig van Beethoven, Klaus Böwering und Jan-Joris Nieuwenhuis.

Stay musically…


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