Skyrocket Your Music Reading With A Simple Step

Let’s say you are an intermediate level piano player and you are about to start to learn a new piece. You are dreading to sit at the piano and start learning the piece because you think it will be too slow, too difficult and too frustrating. The one thing that will skyrocket your music reading is to truly know how the piece sounds like before you start playing it.

Before you start learning the piece at the piano, go listen to the piece over and over again until you truly know how the sounds ought to come out of the instrument. When you sit at the piano, you would be really quick at recognizing mistakes during your sight-reading. You would instinctively know when a note doesn’t sound right and you would immediately correct it.

Once something is learned, it takes double the effort to relearn it. Learning correctly is very important. So take your time, learn your piece properly and enjoy your accomplishment.

Stay musically…