Starting New as an Opportunity

A student of mine has a great attitude for starting new. She is in her twenties, she has a full time job, she lives and commutes in a metropolitan city and then rushes home to practice. We do our private lessons via FaceTime. She was a complete beginner when she started and in a matter of a short few months, she became a late intermediate player. When I asked her what was the reason why she wanted to learn how to play piano, she replied: “When we turn into adults, we barely start learning anything new. We keep doing the things that we are already pretty good at. We sort of miss out on the opportunity to grow ourselves by sucking at something new.”

I thought to myself “what a great attitude this girl has!”

I am proud to teach her and she is relentlessly working hard and continues to improve. She doesn’t care where she is, she cares about where she is going.

Now, what new task or activity could you start learning as an opportunity to grow yourself?

Stay musically,