Too Old to Start?

Do you wish you played the piano but you think you are too old to start? This is a very common concern I have heard from people all around the world. Let me assure you that you are never too old to start playing the piano! All you need is a desire to make your wish come true, a system to make you progress -such as a private teacher you like or an online course you trust- and an instrument to practice on. This could either be a full size keyboard -if you are going to do this as a hobby and you don’t want to invest too much on an instrument in the beginning-, an electric piano or an acoustic piano if you are sure you are in this for good.

Progress doesn’t depend on your age, it depends on your attitude. Since success is the fruit of progress, you will succeed as long as you stay committed to it. Your commitment could be from as little as 15 minutes per day up to one hour or more per day. You will progress no matter how much you invest in it and that is what matters the most.

I had a student who was 69 years old when he started to take lessons from me. He was a beginner and he had advanced arthritis in his hands. His fingers were completely curved outwards and he was taking pills on a daily basis to help ease his pain. We started from the ABC’s of music. He was taking one 1-hour private lesson per week and he had bought himself a grand piano. Since he was retired, he was able to practice a good amount of time daily. In a matter of only two years, he was playing Rachmaninoff Preludes, Mozart Sonatas, Chopin Waltzes as well as show tunes and popular songs. What was incredible about all this was that the arthritis in his hands were completely reversed and his fingers were straight again!!! He was off the daily pain medicine as well.

Don’t let your age hold you back. We are living in a time where we appreciate the 98-year-old yoga teacher (Täo Porchon-Lynch), the 86-year-old gymnast (Johanna Quaas) or the 83 year old DJ (Ruth Flowers – unfortunately deceased in 2014). Don’t look at where you are. All you need is a decision to make and the commitment to follow. Remember, it’s better late than never. And the best time to start is always “now”.

Stay musically…


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