Do You Water Your Plants Once for the Whole Year?

No. You don’t. You have to water your plants once a week or so -and regularly- if you want them to live and grow.

The same is valid for everything that you want to succeed in: If you want to loose weight, you have to eat right and exercise regularly; if you want your kids to grow healthy, you have to feed them good food regularly; if you want to stay healthy, you gotta drink water regularly; if you want to master a new skill, you have to work at it almost daily; if you want to maintain healthy relationships, you have to continue nurturing them the right way. The list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, any kind of media fixates us in lazy thoughts. People don’t have “overnight successes” in a matter of a night. The truth is that their “behind the scenes” are pretty non-glorious and it spreads over at least a decade of effort and investment. They find meaning in doing the “boring” stuff daily and maybe one day -if at all- they achieve the “overnight” success. By then, they don’t care about the success anymore. They only care about the process of doing things the right way.

My day was pretty ‘boring’ today… I hope yours was as well. 😉

Stay musically,